SproutCore 1.11.0 Release Candidate 3

written by admin

The final release candidate for version 1.11.0 is now available.

This release candidate fixes a few of the remaining bugs and addresses the regressions that had crept in since RC1. It also introduces several improvements and nice new features, such as the ability for SC.PickerPanes to pop “out” of their anchors when using a scale transitionIn plugin (i.e. SC.View.SCALE_IN) for a really nice effect or the ability to easily check for conflicts between a nested store and its parent using the new conflictedStoreKeys property. For a list of all the changes, please view the detailed change log which can be seen here: SproutCore CHANGELOG.

To install SproutCore 1.11.0.rc3 for testing, please upgrade your previous version of SproutCore by running the following:

<code>gem update sproutcore --prerelease

We will be using your feedback over the next couple weeks to finalize 1.11.0, so please be sure to try it out and let us know what issues remain: Github Issues. To discuss the next version or to discuss SproutCore in general, as always please use #sproutcore on IRC or email to sproutcore@googlegroups.com.