Welcome to SproutCore’s newest Committers and Reviewer

written by Tyler Keating

As noted in the previous post, we are in the beginning of a major new thrust in SproutCore development and community involvement. As part of this work, we’ve created a guideline to becoming a contributor and list of contributors.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that several people have already graciously accepted the offer to take on roles and contribute even more towards shaping the future of SproutCore as the best application development framework, period.

Please join me in welcoming:

Jason Dooley,
Jeff Pittman,
Tim Evans, and
Wesley Workman

as the first SproutCore Committers and

Geoffrey Donaldson

as a new SproutCore Reviewer.

Undoubtedly, you will have come across these individuals on IRC and the mailing lists and will recognize them for their commitment to SproutCore and to the community. We are very excited and lucky to have them onboard.

In the future I expect to write many more posts like this, so to those that wish to be included, keep contributing, keep learning and we hope to hear from you soon.