Welcome to Dave Porter, SproutCore Committer

written by SproutCore

It’s our pleasure to announce that Dave Porter will be the newest SproutCore Committer.  He has shown a strong interest in supporting SproutCore and its community and we look forward to working more closely with him in the future.

As a SproutCore Committer, Dave will have his own branches in the repo and have better access to SproutCore’s Reviewers and Project Owners to help drive SproutCore forward.

As has been mentioned in previous announcements, contributing to the project can be a thankless and demanding task, so please take a moment to catch Dave (dcporter) on #sproutcore and sproutcore@googlegroups.com and pass on your support.

As well, if you yourself are interested in the evolution of SproutCore, there’s really only one requirement;  contribute!