Video from Our International Meetups!

written by Madeleine Douglas

For those of you who haven’t heard, SproutCore meetups are going international! In the past three weeks, we’ve had meetups in Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, and Germany—and more are in the works!

As often as possible, we make a remote session for these talks available; for those of you who couldn’t make it, we have recordings of two of the talks available now.

Here, Greg Moeck talks to the Kuala Lumpur meetup group about SproutCore Views Best Practices:

Tom Dale also gave a talk to the Vancouver group about SproutCore UI. The sound is slightly less clear on this recording— our apologies!

The Q&As from these sessions are also available on the SproutCore Vimeo channel.

We always love hearing from the Core Team, but the community is also interested in demos and real-world applications using SproutCore. If you’d like to speak at a meetup, or just show some code and workshop it with other SproutCore devs, let us know!

We have lots to learn from each other, and want to hear from YOU!