How do you really build large impressive web applications?

written by Evin Grano

There have been enormous leaps in browser technology and computers that have made rich internet apps and cloud applications no longer a figment of someone’s utopian dream, but a reality that can be acted on today. I want to take you on a journey how my company, Eloqua, did just that, take an utopian dream of the best web application and made it a reality, with SproutCore.

How do you decide what technology to use?

Well, the journey started about a couple of years ago, even before I came to Eloqua. Eloqua was the market leader and really the inventor of the marketing automation space. This space is where the marketing teams and the sales team work to get the right information to the right people at the right time. In order to grow your business, timing is crucial. Eloqua had built an application from the ground up over the last 10 years. It had all the successes and failures that come with inventing a space. Now that they succeeded in inventing the space, it was time to start the revolution all over again. Eloqua now needed to change the game because the space was starting to get crowded and we all know that unless you are innovating and catching the next wave, soon the market leader can become yesterday’s technology footnote in Wikipedia. This is when Mike Ball and I came onto the project and it was called Eloqua 10

We were looking for the next greatest thing in web technology and we started to see this resurgence in an age old idea: returning to fat clients with business logic and thin servers, but all with a new significant twist. Continue reading