Dispatches From the Edge: Invoking “Next”

written by Tyler Keating

As the 1.10 release nears completion, I thought I’d better start writing about some of the many improvements now, lest the final release blog post would take me two days to write.  A lot of the changes, including today’s topic, were the result of working on big feature additions and discovering that more support was needed closer to the core.  Which brings me to the topic of this post:  SC.RunLoop.prototype.invokeNext. Continue reading

SproutCore Online Meet Up – August 14th

written by Tim Welsch

Hey SproutCore enthusiasts!

We’re moving our SproutCore meet ups online! It’s been a bit since the last Vancouver meet up and, in an effort to make these sessions more accessible to people, we’ve decided to host our next event strictly online. Our next meet up is scheduled for Tuesday, August 14th at 4pm PST. Our scheduled panelists for this session are Dave Porter and are Tyler Keating.

Dave will be presenting on “Tips and Tricks for Blazing-Fast List Views”, best practices for optimizing your collection views to create the smoothest possible experience in a variety of circumstances, and Tyler will be leading a discussion on SproutCore 1.9 and 2.0.

Register for the online event here

We’ve also repurposed the Vancouver SproutCore Meet Up page for these events, so to keep in the loop with upcoming online meet ups join the group page on Meetup.com.

There have also been new projects developed and launched using SproutCore like Kobo’s new Instant Reader app and the Wheelz mobile Admin Console. Check out all the latest projects using SproutCore here.

Hope you can make it to our session on August 14th!