SproutCore and the New Logo

written by SproutCore

Just in time for SproutCore 1.0, I’m excited to officially announce that SproutCore has a new logo contributed by community member “endash”.  Here’s it is:

Download all the logo variations here

Along with the new logo, we’ve also updated the SproutCore website with a simpler, but I think far more informative version.  Thanks to Tom Dale who put in a few late nights to make this new content happen.  I’m especially excited about the new Getting Started page that takes you through installing and creating a Hello World in just a few easy steps.

Many thanks to endash and Tom who helped to make SproutCore look at good as it works!

SproutCore Planet and Reddit

written by SproutCore

In community news, two great new resources have just started up you might want to checkout if you like to follow the latest news on SproutCore.

SproutCore Planet is a blog aggregator that republishes blog posts from SproutCore-focused blogs around the net.

The SproutCore Reddit is another great place to see fresh new links based on community interest.

Thanks to the folks that setup both of these new sites.  I’ll be following both and contributing links to the Reddit site myself.

#sproutcore on IRC

written by SproutCore

The IRC channel has been really active lately on #sproutcore.  SproutCore is used in enough places now that there is usually a real expert with a lot of experience available to talk to you these days.

If you need some help or just want to introduce yourself, drop on by!

#sproutcore on freenode.net