SproutCore 1.6 Beta Released

written by Tom Dale

We’re excited to announce the release of SproutCore 1.6 Beta 1. As we mentioned in our last blog post, we are switching to a six-week release cycle, and this is the first release in that new plan.

Because we will be releasing more frequently, each release will be less of a big-bang release and more incremental improvements to what we had before. SproutCore 1.5 shipped with a number of new features, including TemplateView, and SproutCore 1.6 significantly improves the stability of TemplateView, TemplateCollectionView, and their integration with other parts of the system, especially DataStore.

If you are using SproutCore 1.5 today, you should upgrade to SproutCore 1.6 beta. It is essentially the same as SproutCore 1.5 with a large number of bugfixes and stability/efficiency improvements.


  • Bugfixes to synchronization between SproutCore RecordArray/ManyArray/ChildArray and TemplateCollectionView
  • Moved forms to experimental framework
  • Moved routing into its own framework
  • Improved ability to use table elements in Handlebars templates
  • CSS and cross-browser fixes for built-in controls
  • Significantly cleaned up in-line documentation