SproutCore 1.0 is Done!

written by SproutCore

I’m happy to announce that SproutCore 1.0.1046 is the official “1.0” release of SproutCore.  We’ve had the gem out for nearly two months now without any show stopper issues forcing an update, so I’m pretty confident with its stability.

Thanks again to the many people who contributed code to SproutCore 1.0.  You’ve built something you should be very proud of.  

This project was in the works for 18 months.  We rewrote 20,000 lines of code, added nearly 6,000 unit tests, and significantly improved the clarity and consistency of the API.  

Most importantly, SproutCore 1.0 is a performance beast.  It feels really good to be able to recommend SproutCore to people building complex app that will push the boundaries of the browser knowing that we have the goods to get them there.

If you’ve been holding off on SproutCore 1.0 until it was really really done – well it’s ready so come and get it!

Now What?

Ironically, most of the core SproutCore team has moved well along past the 1.0 candidate.  A lot of work is already going into the next release with some really fantastic results.  So must so that I will spend most of my talk at jsconf in April covering the new stuff instead of 1.0.

The good news is that 1.5 (or whatever it’s called) will be a much shorter release cycle – probably starting this summer.  And this time a lot of the development is happening in the community so it is a lot easier for everyone to get involved.  

I’ll save some of the big surprises for jsconf but suffice to say the next few versions of SproutCore will be major moves forward.  1.0 was about laying the ground work for some big things down the road.  These next few releases we start to reap those rewards.

See you at jsconf.