SproutCore 1.0 Goes to RubyForge

written by SproutCore

The first release candidate for SproutCore 1.0 is only a few weeks away.  In preparation, we are now publishing the SproutCore 1.0 gems directly through RubyForge instead of using Github.

This means that if you want to install SproutCore 1.0, all you now need to do is open your terminal and type:

sudo gem install sproutcore

It’s that simple!

From now on I will periodically publish new gems directly to RubyForge so you can update and install sproutcore using this command.

Note that if you have installed SproutCore 1.0 using the “gem” command previously, you will need to manually uninstall the old beta versions for this new gem to take effect.  To uninstall the old sproutcore just type:

sudo gem uninstall sproutit-sproutcore
sudo gem install sproutcore

And you are all set.  Once you have SproutCore installed via RubyGems you can update sproutcore from now on by simply typing:

sudo gem update sproutcore

The official 1.0 release is coming soon!  If you haven’t already take a moment to checkout the new gem release and give us your feedback.