SproutCore 1.10.1 Release

written by SproutCore

The first patch release of SproutCore 1.10 is now available. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Allows inline text fields to work with automatic child view layout.
  • Fixed SC.Module loading for IE11 and future versions.
  • Fixed SC.Drag cancellation with the Escape key to call dragEnded for cleanup.
  • Added a retina image for the default theme of SC.MenuPane.
  • Fixed the touch selection of SC.CollectionView to prevent an item from appearing deselected when touched twice in a row.
  • Fixed the insertion point code for SC.GridView in order to show an insertion view when dragging and dropping onto grid views.
  • Fixed an issue with SC.ScrollView which would cause the HW accelerated content offset to be incorrect when the content view re-renders.
  • Improved the deceleration animation of SC.ScrollView for better performance.
  • Fixed an error in the deceleration animation of SC.ScrollView that could throw an exception when stopped very quickly.
  • Changed the SC.EmptyTheme class name to sc-empty-theme to avoid conflicts with the use of sc-empty. This fixes a bug where SC.ProgressView would always appear empty when used with the empty theme.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of SC.Statechart sendEvent that allowed events to be sent during a state transition.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented queued events due to a state transition from being sent when the state transition was complete.
  • Fixed a caching problem with SC.routes that would allow the location property to be incorrect depending on how it was changed.
  • Fixed a regression in determining the OS of Linux and Android in SC.browser.