Wesley Workman & Tim Evans are now SproutCore Reviewers

written by Tyler Keating

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Please join us in congratulating Tim and Wesley on achieving SproutCore Reviewer status.  They are two of the most active contributors and have shown that they share our ideal of making SproutCore the most feature rich and highest quality application development framework.

More importantly, please join us in thanking Tim and Wesley and all the Committers and Reviewers for the work they’ve done to get us here.  We ask a lot of our burgeoning team and we are fortunate to have such people.

Announcing SproutCore 1.8!

written by Tyler Keating


I’m very pleased to announce the release of SproutCore version 1.8.0.  This release includes several new features, improvements and bug fixes and is a recommended upgrade for all SproutCore developers.

To install the latest version of SproutCore, visit http://sproutcore.com/install/ to get an updated installer for your system or if you are using the SproutCore gem, simply run:

gem update sproutcore

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